Sunday, 29 January 2017

Illustration Assessment 1 - 2017

Students identify two leaders in the field of illustration and produce a presentation detailing the work, their method/technique and why they would like to study them.

Student: Keith Turner

Student: Christopher Norris

Student: Emma Cullen

Finished Art Assessment 1 - 2017


For assessment 1, you are to create a DL Brochure for ‘The Australian Institute of Architects’ travelling exhibition. You can only use 2 colours and you will need to source or create additional imagery. Additionally you need to create a presentation discussing your reflections on the design process from start to finish. As well as completing the task of selecting an appropriate paper stock for your brochure.

Below are student examples, displaying what is expected for this brief -  

Drawing & Colour Assessment 1 - 2017

Develop a reflective portfolio of drawing and colour exercises (collecting all the exercises from sub topics).

Student: Noeline Apiti

Advertising Assessment 1 - 2017

Students receive a brief from a typical advertising client and are tasked to distil down the brief to a single minded proposition to present back to the client.

Student: Romy Sedman